If you're just starting out, looking to get back into the game, or wanting to improve your stroke, I can help you!  I start off by feeding you some balls and then I analyze your complete body movement, from your feet to your follow through.  I will then provide you simple steps to help you develop new hitting habits. 
Years back I took a lot of private lessons myself and found that I wasn't getting the complete deal. I was paying to hit with a pro who didn't take a real good look at my strokes or care enough to change my form to help me avoid tennis elbow.  OUCH!  That was years ago.  I now hit 5+ times a week and never have elbow pain.  If you hit right, pain can be avoided. We all want to play tennis up into our golden years, so it's important to hit right for good body health.

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Tennis Lessons for Kids and Adults.
Take a private or semi-private lesson, or start your child in a USTA QuickStart Program on my champion-sized tennis court located out in the wineries of Temecula. I specialize in helping the beginning player and developing in kids a love for tennis that will last a life time.  If you haven't hit in a long time, need to brush up on your strokes, or have a child who wants to learn tennis,  come meet with me and get off to a good start!

Looking forward to hitting with you.
Coach Heidi



"I took lessons with Heidi, and she forced me to follow through with my forehand.  I have struggled with my forehand for three years.  Now, very few of my balls sail out of the court. Its amazing what CONSISTENT lessons over a period of time can do for you. It was worth every penny, especially when other people notice."      Debbie Wise


"Heidi has had an incredible impact on the consistency of my strokes as well as my confidence on the court.  I hadn't played for a few years following a knee injury and was concerned about getting back into the game.  She is incredibly positive and encouraging as well as cognizant of body placement and mechanics to avoid future injury.   She has convinced me to make the commitment to get out on the courts and start playing team tennis.  I've discovered how much I missed the game and I'm thrilled to be getting out there and swinging again. 

Thank you, Heidi!"     Michelle Byers

My name is Manuel Castro, I am 15 years old, and I have recently been working on my tennis game with Heidi. When I first met her I had some bad habits that Heidi picked up on instantly. She has an energetic personality and is extremely fun to hang out with and learn a few good tricks. Within my short span of time with her I have learned to serve with higher accuracy and increasingly good precision. I have also learned ways to power up my strokes and hitting deadly backhands. Heidi is an exceptional teacher who can teach you a lot. I have enjoyed every minute of my lessons with her and I am sure I will enjoy many more. Thank you Heidi for raising my confidence, performance, and enjoyment level of the exciting game we all know as tennis!   

Your appreciative student,    Manuel Castro

"I had no tennis experience. In fact, I didn’t think I could play at all.  That was before I started my lessons. Now I’m very enthusiastic about tennis.  It has opened a whole new world for me. Luckily my mother found Heidi and we started lessons immediately. Heidi helped me realize that tennis is possible for anyone. If I could hit at least 2 balls in a row over the net, then that was an accomplishment. After just a few lessons with Heidi, I was able to do the impossible, actually get the ball to the other side of the court most of the time. The whole learning experience is informative, and at the same time lots of fun.  Thanks Heidi. I can't wait until my next lesson.
Jon-Andrew Auger-Andrews            
Linfield Christian School/ 8th grade

Jon-Andrew Auger-Andrews places 2nd in the Temecula USTA  Juniors Novice Tennis Tournament after only a few months of lessons....We are so Proud!

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